Friday, November 14, 2008


We had never taken Kayda 0n any vacation other that visiting her grandparents or relatives so we decided it was time to change that (and while she is still free). We had plans to go to Disneyland but they fell through and some of our friends said that they wanted to go to Sea World so we decided to go!

Here the guys are figuring out what to go do and see first.

Kayda looking at the star fishes.

Helping her touch them.

Kayda putting her hands together and chanting "Shamu, Shamu" with the crowd to get him to splash the water.

Ready for the Sesame Street 4-D show.

Kolby enjoying the ride in the stroller.

Kayda giving hugs to Cookie Monster.
One of the very first things she said the next day was,"Cookie Monster loves me!"

Posing with Grover

Taking Kayda on the rides.

Our friends wanted to go to the Meet Elmo breakfast and we were undecided so when they went to get tickets and the people wanted to fill up the empty spaces so they gave us a discount!! It turned out to be one of the kids' favorite things.

Looking at the whales.

Kayda and Parker

Being impressed by the dolphin show

Notice that the lady in the picture is not me. After the show we told Kayda she needed to hold someone's hand. I offered mine but she refused and continued to grab a strangers hand. Thank goodness she was nice and thought it was funny.

Kayda eating the dog food. She told me after I took the picture,"I ate it ALL gone!"

Kolby keeping cozy.

Posing during her playing.

Finishing out the second day on the rides.

The kids playing on the bed at night.

Enjoying the splashing waves.

Playing in the water.

Pretend surfing in the sand.

So our original plan was to visit Jaden's brother in California but he ended up having to do a long haul trip so we wouldn't even see him if we went to visit . Since Jaden had the whole week off we decided to drive to Utah and spend a couple days with his family.

Kayda playing Rock Band with uncle Brian

Stopping and giving granda hugs on the way home.
Even though we had fun and actually had minimal outbursts(by the 2 year old) we are glad that we are home!!
*Funny Story: Since our decision to go to Utah was very last minute no one in his family knew we were coming . Almost to Las Vegas we let his dad in on the secret. So when we showed up at 3 am Jaden's mom freaked out when she heard the basement door open and some rustling in the kitchen. So she dropped to ground and started to call for help. The person on the line asked,"City and state please." She whispered "Santaquin, Utah." They didn't hear her so she whispered again,"Santaquin, Utah." That is when she realized she dialed 411 and not 911.


Zane said...


That settles it, Izzy and I have to go there when Burgess goes to Africa.

Heather said...

I didn't know SeaWorld had so much to do and rides! Very fun.. Apparently its been awhile! That is hilarious that his mom called 411!

b&d said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Since I don't have to work anymore, maybe we can plan a trip together sometime.

kristal said...

First off, you look fantastic! Seriously HOT!
SEcond, what the heck?! Kayda's hair looks AMAZING in those first few pictures. Wish I knew how to do fancy girl hair tricks!
Third, I want your baby
And last...Grover...haha, remember HS grover? Haha!

Kody and Kurliston said...

How much fun was that! Cute pictures!