Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Copy Cat (or kit)

I have been depressed about my lack of creativity But I am so thankful for others for inspiring me! Here are my current top 3 that I love to copy:

1.) Bakerella- here is where to find herhttp://bakerella.blogspot.com/

I have made her cupcake pops a couple times. Obviously the top picture is of hers and the second one of mine. I just need a little practice- right? Oh and I made her recipe for pumpkin pecan chocolate chunk cookies with maple frosting. Yum! This lady is amazing!

2. Pottery Barn- Okay if you go online the headbands were sold out so you can't see them on their website but I have a picture that I saved. I just like mine better because they weren't made in China. Plus I think I have a cuter model- maybe not as cooperative but cuter.

3. Emily- She was one of my friends from AJ. She is one of the most talented and creative people that I have met. She makes incredible dolls - all hand sewn! We are lucky to have a couple of things she has made in our house. Check out her work : http://www.auntieemdolls.com/ But she is the one that told me how to make cute acorn dolls.


paul hunt said...

kit, here are a few more food blogs you might like:
just what you needed, eh?

kristal said...

holy crap those are all adorable! Your headbands are better than PB...make em and sell em so we can hvae some for next Thanksgiving!

kristal said...

oh my gosh Paul...that latartinegourmande site is yummy!

paul hunt said...

found another today:


kristal said...

Keep em comin baby!

hayley said...

Those are some pretty ambitious projects! You did an amazing job too, I love the turkey head bands, soo cute:) I am a big fan of copying, why reinvent the wheel, especially because you might not like what you invent. I know what I like when I see it, then I copy it:)