Friday, October 31, 2008


Every time I asked Kayda what she wanted to be for Halloween she would always say a monster. Then my sister, Maria, convinced her that she should be the three little pigs with her cousins.(so of course, since it was not me she quickly changed her mind about the monster idea).But then when someone would ask her what she was going to be she replied,"the two piggies." I tried to explain that it was the 3 pigs but to no avail she kept with her same response.
A couple times when she was getting ready to go to sleep I would tell her the story of the 3 pigs so she would be familiar with the story. One day she told me that Kolby needed to be the "baby bad wolf".(thus his costume) It was also funny to hear her say,"not my chinnies, chinnies, chinnies" when I had her try on the ears. And of course to make sure everyone knew at the trunk or treat what she was, she would say,"Trick-or-treat--- I a piggy!"

The costume parade at the Library.
Hanging out with the dinosaur(friend Parker) and Luke Skywalker(Josh-nursery buddy)
The Three Little Pigs and the Baby Bad Wolf (Chloe, Claire, Kayda, Kolby)
Little piggy, Brick House, House of Straw, and Baby Bad Wolf
My not-so-bad wolf
Kolby won the Best Creature Costume Award (hurray for my Project Runway skills!)
Kayda was having more fun passing out the candy than trick-or-treating.
Happy Halloween !!


Heather said...

Oh my goodness- ?You are so darn creative and crafty! Very cute Kirsten! :)

Kody and Kurliston said...

How cute! She sounds like she is such a character! You did such a fabulous job!

Kristal said...

Freaking adorable! this was our second year to do NON themed costumes, and it sucked! We're doin a family theme from now on...and half of our costumes are already ready for next year's theme...can'tw ait. The award this year for cutest family halloween definately goes to you guys...this is so cute!

Kari said...

I love the baby bad wolf. What fun!! We need to get together soon.

PS. You have been tagged

Ally said...

What's funny about the last picture is it's a grown man begging candy from a two year old! Now, isn't that a little backwards!?!?!!!