Monday, October 27, 2008

First Stop: Fun

Last weekend we had to do some whirlwind shopping (tile, sinks, ceiling fans-you know the fun stuff). Before we got on to it we stopped at the Buddy Walk to say hi to Ally, Reese, and Cam. And enjoy the fun activities and free food.
Kayda was so excited about the pony ride ever since Ally said there was going to be one. It was probably the best 3 minutes of her life. The next day she asked,"I go to pony ride?"
Then we had to try out Reese and Cam's voluteering skills- Kayda got her face painted.
We also had to get a ride on the little train.
When we were trying to leave Kayda did not want to get out of the bouncers. Cam even went with her on one of them :)
And of course little Kolby was a good sport. The look of boredom-
And him making faces for Ally-
Thanks for the fun stop so we could survive the rest of the day!!

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Lindsay said...

Next it will be, "Can I have a pony for Christmas?"