Thursday, October 16, 2008

Columbus Day Weekend

Since everyone else was on Fall Break I decided to create my own Fall Break. The Turleys were heading to my parents' house for Fall Break and my parents had Columbus Day off so I decided to go visit and take Ian and Braden with me. We did a bunch of things like when I was a little kid. Like:

Doing silly things with cousins,

Celebrating birthdays with family, (Griffin's birthday was Sunday and of course Kayda thought she needed to help blow out the candles.)

Enjoy hugs,

Ride on the tractor,

Play in the "cave",

Act like the "Pirates of Penzance",

Walk to the dam (or the darn in Hunt vocab)(and maybe someday I will add the extended version to that trip: Kenna falling in the ditch, Ian walking on the train tracks when a train was coming, and a near miss from a bull j/k),

See that dad is reading again,

Have fun with mom and dad,

Play in the dirt,

and have a fire to roast marshmellows.
(and I couldn't help but add this picture of my cute baby, that smiled even though it was getting cold and everyone else was having the fun).


Ally said...

Fun, FUN times!!! Kolby smiling is the cutest! So is his fuzzy head over the blanket when Dad is reading...

The Karafa Family said...

Ah man! We should totally do a mini reunion for us BIG cousins! I havent played in the mud for years!

Allison said...

Kit! Great to hear from you :) Your family is beautiful, and you look great. I'm happy to keep up with you through blogs--yay! Oh, and WOOT for BYU women's issue ;)