Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy Naps

So my neice Claire calls naps "Happy Naps". Well today Kayda needed some extra encouragement to take a nap and little Kolby likes to snuggle to fall asleep. Instead of napping with them I need to be productive (so I am blogging, I know real productive). But I like family naps and I hope they all wake up Happy!


Maren said...

I'd be much happier if I could take naps more often.

Kristal said...

That top picture bettered be blown up and put somewhere. That's adorable! great capture! I'm jealous. I wanna try and get one like this. I've got Jase and Boss asleep together as I type, but those other two...watching HS Musical II of coarse!

The Hunts said...

Love this picture! are they actually asleep or was it staged?