Friday, August 29, 2008

I Love to See the Temple

Last weekend we went to Albuquerque for Dave and Shae's sealing. We told Kayda that we were going to the temple so every big building she saw she would say,"The temple." We would have to tell her that it wasn't the temple. When we drove up to the temple I told her we were almost there and when she saw it she loudly said,"The temple, the temple, the temple!" She was so excited!

Of course like always Kayda she was picking the flowers and playing in the fountain.

Dave and Shae coming out of the temple.

All of Jaden's family.
Our little Rosser fam.

I am so grateful for the temple and forever families.


Kristal said...

Way cute skirt, and you have sexy legs. In the family picture, I noticed sexy legs, and followed them up and it was you! Hot!

The Hunts said...

The above comment screams for additional comments, however, since this is an open blog I will refrain.