Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dance Class

My sister, Maria told me about a dance class for little kids so we decided Kayda needed a good outlet and signed her up. Almost everyday she has to say something about her 'dance class'. At night when she says her prayers I let her say whatever she wants to at the beginning before I help her. This is what she said in her prayer the other night: " a dance class, bless a food,... daddy a good day, a dance class, ..... help a dance class." Can you tell she likes her dance class?? The funny thing that she did this week is since we have been watching the Olympics- after they did tumbling on the mats Kayda would get off the mat and raise her arms up like they do after they land after the beam or vault. I love my little dancer!


pdhunt said...

it must be in her genes.
*shuffle step, shuffle step, shuffle step step step*

The Hunts said...

She's got the wave down!