Friday, August 29, 2008

100th Post!!!

So I know that I am way behind the rest of the world, but HOORAY for making it to the 100 mark! I wanted to do something spectacular or give a prize to the first commenter but I couldn't think of anything so here is my list of why I like blogging:
* It's the only journal that I can keep up with
* I can keep tabs on family and friends old and new
* I still laugh when I comment and on the security password a list of former things typed in show up (like I have typed in werhks before?!)
* I felt smart when they changed j&krosser to j& amp;krosser because I knew what amp; meant-thanks Paul!! (well I am assuming it is ampersand since it is on everyones who has a & and why they put that in ?I don't know?)
* I can do some friendly stalking


Kristal said...

amen to the blog stalking. Some nights when the kids are asleep I think, "I wonder what amazing things have been going on in Kit's life" so I stalk you. I love it!

hayley said...

I really like all your reasons for blogging, I feel the same way! It's kind of like reality TV to see what other people are doing with their lives. It's so fun to see your little family hope you are adjusting to two:)

Anonymous said...

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