Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My friend Kristal tagged me-probably cause I haven't posted in awhile so here goes.

i am: blogging
i think: summer is the best.
i know: I would die in Antartica.
i want: Project Runway to come soon (this month!)
i have: the best family.
i wish:I would win the lottery.
i hate: cold.
i miss: my siblings not living closer.
i fear: men who wear Speedos.
i feel: very pregnant.
i hear: PBS.
i smell: my unbrushed teeth.
i crave: Grape Nut flakes (and they don't sell them in Payson anymore :(
i search: for my shoes in Kayda's room
i wonder: what I should do for dinner all the time.
i regret: that my house is not clean.
i love: days when Jaden doesn't work.
i care: about recycling.
i always: get songs stuck in my head.
i am not: superwoman-unfortunately.
i believe: gas prices should be lowered.
i dance: almost everyday to "Hey Mickey"-thanks kayda
i sing: to Kayda everynight.
i don’t always: take a shower before noon.
i fight: to keep the blankets on me at night.
i write: poorly.
i lose:patience with potty training.
i win: at dance revolution and that is about it.
i never: pop my knuckles.
i listen: when people talk in their sleep.
i can usually be found: with my tag-along.
i am scared: when my house/Kayda is QUIET.
i need: to pay bills.
i am happy about: August is near!
I tag: anyone who hasn't posted this week!


ZB said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I use the Canon Rebel Txi and LOVE LOVE it. It goes with me everywhere.

If you want to check out some really fun pictures check out my blog with my best friend. ONEHM

We each post a new picture everyday to better our camera skills and keep in touch. And every week we do a picture challenge. Everyone is welcome to play along. Come check it out!

Crystal said...

oh, kit I am so sorry about the grape nut flakes. I love them too. Next time we come by, I will bring you some, that is if you are home. :)

kristal said...

Ok, you SING to Kayda EVERY night? You're the best mom ever. Of coarse my kids would throw things at me if I sang to them, but I don't even read to them EVERY night. You're amazing! And why no grape nut flakes? I'm getting some for you! Oh, ok, so this coming Saturday we're meeting at Nifty Fifties around 8 for you wanna come?! There will be us and either 1 or 2 other couples with their kids. Let's do it, then go antiquing and , well, you probalby don't want to hike with us, but let's party! E mail me if you're up for it!

kristal said...

oh, ok, so I just saw that Crust wrote the same thing...I'm bringing them first!!!!

Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

SO CUTE! I love your tagged! :) My favorite was the...i dance: almost everyday to "Hey Mickey"-thanks kayda I think you should blog that! :) SO cute!