Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I really don't have anything too exciting to write, but here are some of my most recent thoughts:
-Why can't my body just reuse the same stretch marks?
-Why is it called the REproductive system? what was it doing to be productive?
-Can my hubby be in the nesting phase for me?
- No news doesn't necessarily mean good news, it could just mean simply no news.

Right now I am simply waiting for this week to end. My doctor is out of town, my anaesthesiologist is out of town, my mom is busy(taking the nieces and nephews on a trip) and I am supposed to help with sharing time. But hopefully after this week the baby will want to come meet his crazy family. That is it for my current randomness. I will keep the rest for myself or for another day.


John and Laura said...

My stretch marks have just gotten higher and higher with each baby. I was especially annoyed when I was OVERdue and still getting them! grrr... Good luck in the final stretch!

Lindsay said...

Good luck with your last days before the little guy comes!
P.S. I've wondered about REproduce before too. I Don't get it.

TheRogersInUtah said...

I am with you on the stretch marks...with the first they were just annoying, but second (born at 10 pounds) just ruined it for me....and mine seemed to get higher and thicker as well...hmmm

bethany said...

I'm just glad that I don't have stretch marks on my CALVES this time-who gets stretch marks there?

hayley said...

okay, so you are way more preggo than i, but how fun! It is so good to see your smiling face again! It brings back so many good memories:) I use the towels you gave us for our wedding everyday! haha! You have the cutest little girl:)