Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aunt Visits

Maren had come down from Seattle to help with cousins' Camp and stayed with us for a few days. Kayda loved having someone visit. Ally was coming to pick her up so then Kayda could have two visitors! One day we left Maren at the Hancocks' house to visit with Maria and her girls and Kayda on the way home realized we left her said,"My Maren, my Maren." I said that she was visiting the Hancocks and to distract her said that Ally was coming to our house. She replied,"Ally come visit MY house." (my possessive child) She didnt't want to miss out on anything. Then after they left I was asking if she had fun and asked if during church she had fun with Ally (who was nice enough to take her out so I could stay in sacrament meeting) and she said"Yes, and my Maren friend." I am so glad that Kayda loves all her aunts! We welcome your visits anytime!


The Hunts said...

How fun to have such great aunts!

kristal said...

Aww, I love the Aunts!