Thursday, July 10, 2008

The 4th

Okay so this is a week late but it was last Thursday was when the craziness started. As far as 4th of July plans went I was planning on my sister Allyson coming and having a low key weekend. Thursday morning Jaden informed me that his family (Mom, Dad and all 5 sisters) were coming the next day for the weekend. Later that evening my parents were coming through and since they started later than they thought, they asked to stay the night. Allyson told me that my brother Duane's family should be driving through on their camping trip. I decided to call them to see if they were going to stop by in their rented RV. It turned out they hadn't headed out as soon as they planned so I invited them to "camp" in our driveway. So we ended up having 4th of July breakfast with my parents, Ally, and the Hunts and dinner with Maria's family and the Rosser clan. It wasn't the low key weekend that I planned, but it was a whole lot funner! (sorry I was a super slacker picture taker)
The RV:

Kayda playing ball with Duane:

Kayda's Red, White, and Blue:


bethany said...

I wish we had family nearby. Well, I guess I should say, sane family.

Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

Sounded like fun! :0 Don't ya love unexpected visiters...I usually my house clean? hahaha

Stacey said...

You must have a fun house

Celia said...

I keep telling you to move back! Ally told me that Stacey looks a lot like Cami hanging out of the camper. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't. P.S. Thanks for entertaining me with your blog tonight.