Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Night Date

Unfortunately Jaden is working nights now so we can't go do some of the date stuff together but fortunately I have a good little buddy who can go with me. Saturday nights at the park here have had movies but this week they started doing concerts. Here is why Kayda makes a good date:

1. Fun to watch her dance.

2. She is good at making friends. (as far as I could tell the conversation was about the dog, she showed her "sparkle" fingernails and talked about that, and "sparkle" lips-and showed them how she puts it on and she must have got her name in there because when we left they said "bye, Kayla"-the name was wrong but close)

3. I get occasional snuggles.

4. She knows how to be silly and make me laugh.

1 comment:

Celia said...

It looks like it was a fun date! I love Kayda snuggles too.