Monday, June 16, 2008

Double Whammy

Yesterday was a double whammy for me -Jaden's B-day and Father's day. I tried to get things together for the celebration but unfortunately this is how his special day went:

He comes home from doing the night shift, after eating breakfast I don't feel good so I leave him to take care of Kayda. Our church starts at 11:00 so we go to church ( I am still not feeling good) so after sacrament he convinces me to talk to my sister(which leads to her convincing me to go to the hospital with her where she can check me out). Turns out I was having pre-term labor so instead of going home and sleeping like he should be, he takes care of me. They tell me to take it easy but since we invited family and friends to dinner guess what Jaden gets to do? Fix his own b-day/Father's day dinner. (thank goodness I made the cake the night before). By the time that everyone left Jaden had been up for 24+ hours. Did he complain at all about what a bummer his b-day was (like I would do or did do)? No. That is why Jaden is a wonderful dad and husband! Even though the "special" day wasn't the way I planned I hope he knows we love him EVERY day.

*oh I know I look scary in the pictures, but Jaden deserves his cute face on his birthday blog.


bethany said...

We are lucky to have lucked out with such good husbands-our day was similar---Zak made his own Father's Day dinner too :) That's crazy about the pre-term labor...what are they going to do? And Kit, I think you look cute in the pictures!!

Happy Birthday Jaden!! Yay for good husbands!!

Lari said...

Kit, You always look cute!!

Happy B-day Jayden! Did you fix yourself your favorite meal? I bet it was wonderful

Kit I hope you feel better soon.

Crystal said...

WOW, what a day!
Kit, I hope you are doing OK. I had pre-term labor with all of my babies, so I know what it is like. They tell you to stay off your feet, but that is impossible when you've got another little one to take care of. Thats when Dora and the box of cheerios come in handy. That's so awesome about Jaden, we are so blessed to have a good men that take care of us.

Debi and Kort said...

Kit you are so cute with your family in those pictures! Wow Kayda is getting so big! You both are awesome!