Saturday, June 21, 2008


It happened! My pillow has officially died. Yesterday Kayda was playing with it when it ripped in half and all the feathers flew like from a scene of a movie when a big pillow fight erupts. I know you are thinking "your pillow? whaaa, whaaa". Let me just explain. I have had this pillow since I can remember. It has caught many a tear (maybe some drool), waited with me in several airports, waited up for me while I wrote papers, comforted my head while I read, and supported my knees when I was pregnant. Pillow went with me to BYU, Brazil, and the adventures of marriage. Even when Jaden called it my "t-shirt" I defended Pillow. I finally caved and got a replacement but I let Kayda start her own adventures with Pillow. Unfortunately those adventures have ended. May you rest in peace Pillow. I miss you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


One of my friends is doing a giveway this month. It is for a moby wrap. She swears by them. I have never used one so if I win I can try it out. If not, maybe one of you will! Here are the contest rules: Good Luck!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Double Whammy

Yesterday was a double whammy for me -Jaden's B-day and Father's day. I tried to get things together for the celebration but unfortunately this is how his special day went:

He comes home from doing the night shift, after eating breakfast I don't feel good so I leave him to take care of Kayda. Our church starts at 11:00 so we go to church ( I am still not feeling good) so after sacrament he convinces me to talk to my sister(which leads to her convincing me to go to the hospital with her where she can check me out). Turns out I was having pre-term labor so instead of going home and sleeping like he should be, he takes care of me. They tell me to take it easy but since we invited family and friends to dinner guess what Jaden gets to do? Fix his own b-day/Father's day dinner. (thank goodness I made the cake the night before). By the time that everyone left Jaden had been up for 24+ hours. Did he complain at all about what a bummer his b-day was (like I would do or did do)? No. That is why Jaden is a wonderful dad and husband! Even though the "special" day wasn't the way I planned I hope he knows we love him EVERY day.

*oh I know I look scary in the pictures, but Jaden deserves his cute face on his birthday blog.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Night Date

Unfortunately Jaden is working nights now so we can't go do some of the date stuff together but fortunately I have a good little buddy who can go with me. Saturday nights at the park here have had movies but this week they started doing concerts. Here is why Kayda makes a good date:

1. Fun to watch her dance.

2. She is good at making friends. (as far as I could tell the conversation was about the dog, she showed her "sparkle" fingernails and talked about that, and "sparkle" lips-and showed them how she puts it on and she must have got her name in there because when we left they said "bye, Kayla"-the name was wrong but close)

3. I get occasional snuggles.

4. She knows how to be silly and make me laugh.

Friday, June 13, 2008

40 Years

Last week my parent's celebrated their 40th anniversary. My dad made the comment that marrying my mom was one of the most important and best decisions he could have made in his life. I love my parents! I am so grateful for the example they have showed to love each other and be great strengths to one another. Happy anniversary!!


To celebrate my parents' anniversary whoever could get together that week did. Maren picked me and Kayda up so we could spent lots of time at my parents' house. It was a fun filled week. Kayda couldn't even wait to get the PJs off before she started playing.
One of the family favorites is to sled down the hills at the gravel pit. Kayda first went down with uncle Duane and then went by herself.

When she got tired, Kayda had to get some snuggle time with grandma.
Of course there is no Hunt gathering without a special number. The grandkids sang a Celia version of "Tradition". (unfortunately Kayda's "singing" included tears.)

Let's do it again!