Thursday, May 08, 2008

Had a Bad Day.

So on Monday we were fervently trying to get our house presentable for company and friends that would be coming for Jaden's graduation. Well Kayda decided to play on a chair on the porch and fell and pushed in her two front teeth. My pregnancy hormones kicked in and I cried all day (and next). We took her to the dentist and he said if they get infected they will have to pull them out *so pray for Kayda*.Anyway this is mostly to explain why she will look beat up in Jaden's graduation photos.


The Hunt Family Recipe: said...

I think Kayda looks cute as usual!

Kristal said...

aww, that sucks kit! Sorry. Those days seriously suck. Your mom just told me about Kayda yesterday. we were both at linda millers, and she was saying how that same thing happend to Julie when she was little and her front teeth got pushed up back into her gums...yikes! Hope things turn out ok!