Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok, so I know that you have to be careful what you say around kids but sometimes you just say what you are thinking, right? The scenario went something like this.

Me: Say bye to cute Kayda and fat mommy(with hands on my belly).
Jaden: Bye Kayda (and mumbles something like "you're not fat")
Kayda: I fat?
Kayda (pointing to my belly): Mommy fat?
Me: Yes
Kayda (pointing to her belly): Kayda fat?
Me: No.
Jaden: Your chubby belly is cute Kayda.
Kayda(pointing to her belly again): I fat?
Me(rolling my eyes): Sure Kayda
Kayda: OOh laa laa.

-Is that a good response? Have I damaged my child for years to come?


Allyson said...

OOH laa laa, Kayda!!!

Joni said...

That is what therapy is for! Just teasing! Where did Kayda get that hip action?!

John & Laura said...

ha ha! What a smart girl. Just wait until she starts applying that label to perfect strangers!! Fun times.

Kristal said...

I think both little kids bellys and pregnant bellys are oooh lala, my belly on the other hand, oooh, uuugh, blah!

Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

The best is when they ask how they came out of your tummy..did the doctor cut you? How did I get into your tummy? I say go ask Dad he's the doctor..he knows EVERYTHING! :) hahaha

Kari Hardy said...

I knew I would get in trouble as soon as you found out we drove through Payson and didn't stop. I kept trying to figure out a way to see you guys but I didn't want to make it awkward for the other family with their 4 kids. SORRY!!! I hope you will still be my friend. We definitely need to get together.

Your daughter is also very funny.

TheRogersInUtah said...

Hi all, I found your blog off of Kari's and thought I would write!! Your daughter is adorable, and yeah for number 2! Two is so much fun. It is great to see what you have been up to the last few years. Take a look at my blog if you get a chance.
Take care! Kristin