Monday, March 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

So this past weekend we had the chance to go to Las Vegas. We started out by going down The Strip. Kayda loved the lights and all the water fountains. We met up with family for an awesome buffet.

I had been wanting to go on the gondola ride at the Venetian so we went. We had the perfect guy because he sang"Bella Noche" for Kayda and other songs to help us all of us enjoy the ride. Unfortunately, none of the pictures turned out so great.

And now for the real reason we went to Vegas. John got married!! Yeah Congratulations John and Alysson. Kayda has already put them together as a couple. Every time I would even say the name John, she would say "and Alysson" (well pronounced Owl-see)
At the reception Kayda saw all the important people in line so she had to join in.
And Jaden had to join in by cutting the cake.
So we had a fun trip but I guess it wore Kayda out because she even had to steal Ally's eye wear on the trip home.


Karafa Family said...

Congrats to John & Allysson! You all look great!

Burgess said...
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