Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thank you Wal-Mart!!

Yesterday we were having a post birthday party. With visits from Jaden's parents, my parents and a surprise visit from aunt Shae and Dave - I didn't get a cake made like I had planned.So off to Wal-Mart ten minutes before cousins came over we got a cake and doggy cupcakes to put on top. So kudos to Wal-mart for making the cake possible.


Priceless Moments said...

Your counter tops look fabulous! Did you guys do them yourselves?

j&krosser said...

Yes we did with inspiration from you guys. They are not grouted yet, we are still grinding the edges so they are nice round and smooth.--Jaden

Paul said...

i'm sorry i missed it! your little cutie looks even bigger than she did a month ago!