Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleep Talkers

The week we went to Vegas I found out that Kayda has one of her Daddy's traits- talking in her sleep! For the most part I can sleep through fire alarms, barking, other peoples' alarm clocks, baby crying (I know- not good), etc. BUT there is something about when people talk in their sleep my body wakes me up so I can listen. So these scenerios all happened in one week's time:

#1: Kayda comes in at 4:00am to finish her night's sleep. Quickly she falls asleep. THe next moment- Kayda says," Monkey. OOH, OOH, AAH, AAH." Earlier that same night Jaden said somethings so I asked what and he said,"We are ALL predators!" ( * The next morning I wake up with scratches on my arm. Was it the monkey or the predator? I don't know)

#2 The next night Jaden says,"Nice!.........that one is nicer!"
(What that might be? I don't know)

#3 So in Vegas Kayda is sleeping in the other bed at the hotel and she says,"Boogie Daddy."
(Thank goodness she was in the other bed so I didn't wake up with boogies on me.)

#4 This time I actually wasn't woken up for. As I was going to bed:
Jaden: Either one
Me: Either one what?
Jaden: Either one that you said.
Me: I didn't say anything. (then thinking better of the entertainment value) Wait, what did I say?
Jaden: Either Elliot or Yung Wan Song
(My obvious choices if we have a boy- I guess?)

My brother John once said,"When you talk to yourself, people listen." I guess in my case- when people talk in their sleep, I listen.


Zane said...

That is hilarious. "We are ALL predators". Burgess wakes up for everything, she would freak out if I started talking to her like that.

Burgess said...

Yes, I would freak out. Zane said a few things in his sleep right after we got married, but he doesn't do it anymore. One that I can recall was "How many people are on the toilet?" that was pretty funny. Sometimes he laughs really wickedly and I get scared and have to watch my back the rest of the night.

John & Laura said...

"if we have a boy" -- is this an announcement?

I wish John would talk in his sleep more often. It's so entertaining to me. Ü

Priceless Moments said...

That was so funny to read! I like the second boys name Jaden picked j/k. Keep us posted on the late night lingo.