Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pretty Princesses

So with lots of family at my mom's house Kayda got in some good quality cousin time in. On Sunday Aunt Lari asked if she could curl Kayda's hair and she said yes. Kayda did good to sit all through the styling, but then she thought she had to join in the doing of the hair. She sure had fun with doing girly things with someone besides her mom.


John & Laura said...


Kayda, you can come play with my hair ANY day and you'll be my best friend.

C said...

I love seeing pictures of your parents house, it brings back lots of good memories. Kayda is a regular beauty queen!

Strong Family - said...

Too cute! I love doing hair and love that Savannah thinks it's fun now too (although somedays we disagree on how to do it...that makes for a fun tantrum). :-)