Monday, March 31, 2008

Natural Bridge

One of my favorite places to go in (or by) Payson is the Natural Bridge. Jaden's family was visiting and it was his dad's birthday so we decided to go. We had a fun hike down and of course Kayda wanted to play in the water so I started taking off her shoes when Jaden informed me he didn't think we were allowed to but by that time I had promised Kayda so for me it was worth the risk for just wading. From the pictures you can tell the bi-polarness of a two year old. Yelling at someone and two seconds later being silly for ALL of the pictures. Then we made her get out of the water so she was ready to go. She started trucking up the trail and didn't want help, then her dad could carry her, and finally she decided that she wanted grandma all the way up. So if you are ever up for a fun little hike by Payson let us know!

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Kristal said...

yay! Congrats on the boy!!!! I need to read down farther, just saw the top of the next post ! yay!!!! When is your due date again? Um, and I love the natural brdige. We need to come down there and go together. Jaden looks soo young, when I first glanced I thought it was a little brother of his or something. ha!