Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy B-Day Kayda!!

TOday my little tag-a-long has turned 2! For the past 2-3 months though when someone has asked her how old she is she has said 2 or 9. So finally today when I asked how old she was she was right when she said 2! This morning started out with pedicure and manicure with mom. (That really is how I am sneaky and cut her nails while she is excited about getting "sparklies" on her fingers and toes) She found some stickers to snaz up the rest of herself. Then she got to go to McDs with her cousins.The rest of the party is for another day. We are really going to celebrate Monday when her dad is home.


Anonymous said...

Hey jaden and family its elaina mcdonald ur family is beautiful hope 2 hear from u soon my email

Kristal said...

Aww, i love seeing a little Kit! So cute!!!