Monday, March 31, 2008

Natural Bridge

One of my favorite places to go in (or by) Payson is the Natural Bridge. Jaden's family was visiting and it was his dad's birthday so we decided to go. We had a fun hike down and of course Kayda wanted to play in the water so I started taking off her shoes when Jaden informed me he didn't think we were allowed to but by that time I had promised Kayda so for me it was worth the risk for just wading. From the pictures you can tell the bi-polarness of a two year old. Yelling at someone and two seconds later being silly for ALL of the pictures. Then we made her get out of the water so she was ready to go. She started trucking up the trail and didn't want help, then her dad could carry her, and finally she decided that she wanted grandma all the way up. So if you are ever up for a fun little hike by Payson let us know!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We did not want to put any obscene photos on the blog so here is his foot!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleep Talkers

The week we went to Vegas I found out that Kayda has one of her Daddy's traits- talking in her sleep! For the most part I can sleep through fire alarms, barking, other peoples' alarm clocks, baby crying (I know- not good), etc. BUT there is something about when people talk in their sleep my body wakes me up so I can listen. So these scenerios all happened in one week's time:

#1: Kayda comes in at 4:00am to finish her night's sleep. Quickly she falls asleep. THe next moment- Kayda says," Monkey. OOH, OOH, AAH, AAH." Earlier that same night Jaden said somethings so I asked what and he said,"We are ALL predators!" ( * The next morning I wake up with scratches on my arm. Was it the monkey or the predator? I don't know)

#2 The next night Jaden says,"Nice!.........that one is nicer!"
(What that might be? I don't know)

#3 So in Vegas Kayda is sleeping in the other bed at the hotel and she says,"Boogie Daddy."
(Thank goodness she was in the other bed so I didn't wake up with boogies on me.)

#4 This time I actually wasn't woken up for. As I was going to bed:
Jaden: Either one
Me: Either one what?
Jaden: Either one that you said.
Me: I didn't say anything. (then thinking better of the entertainment value) Wait, what did I say?
Jaden: Either Elliot or Yung Wan Song
(My obvious choices if we have a boy- I guess?)

My brother John once said,"When you talk to yourself, people listen." I guess in my case- when people talk in their sleep, I listen.

Thank you Wal-Mart!!

Yesterday we were having a post birthday party. With visits from Jaden's parents, my parents and a surprise visit from aunt Shae and Dave - I didn't get a cake made like I had planned.So off to Wal-Mart ten minutes before cousins came over we got a cake and doggy cupcakes to put on top. So kudos to Wal-mart for making the cake possible.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy B-Day Kayda!!

TOday my little tag-a-long has turned 2! For the past 2-3 months though when someone has asked her how old she is she has said 2 or 9. So finally today when I asked how old she was she was right when she said 2! This morning started out with pedicure and manicure with mom. (That really is how I am sneaky and cut her nails while she is excited about getting "sparklies" on her fingers and toes) She found some stickers to snaz up the rest of herself. Then she got to go to McDs with her cousins.The rest of the party is for another day. We are really going to celebrate Monday when her dad is home.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pretty Princesses

So with lots of family at my mom's house Kayda got in some good quality cousin time in. On Sunday Aunt Lari asked if she could curl Kayda's hair and she said yes. Kayda did good to sit all through the styling, but then she thought she had to join in the doing of the hair. She sure had fun with doing girly things with someone besides her mom.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

So this past weekend we had the chance to go to Las Vegas. We started out by going down The Strip. Kayda loved the lights and all the water fountains. We met up with family for an awesome buffet.

I had been wanting to go on the gondola ride at the Venetian so we went. We had the perfect guy because he sang"Bella Noche" for Kayda and other songs to help us all of us enjoy the ride. Unfortunately, none of the pictures turned out so great.

And now for the real reason we went to Vegas. John got married!! Yeah Congratulations John and Alysson. Kayda has already put them together as a couple. Every time I would even say the name John, she would say "and Alysson" (well pronounced Owl-see)
At the reception Kayda saw all the important people in line so she had to join in.
And Jaden had to join in by cutting the cake.
So we had a fun trip but I guess it wore Kayda out because she even had to steal Ally's eye wear on the trip home.