Thursday, January 31, 2008

We love Dogs!

I was always jealous when people would tell me how their kid would sit and watch a show or movie. Not that I am a fan of TV nannies but on occasion a few mommy minutes are good. Finally Jaden decided that we should try Lady and the Tramp. It worked! Kayda loves "goggies". Duh! The one hitch is that we have to be ready for tears and a crying melt down when Lady gets taken to the pound, but the rest is totally worth it. SO guess what movie she is getting for her birthday?? (hint: there is 101 of them)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Little Girl

1. Party animal - dancing queen. Kayda always loves when family is all together and lots of kids to play with. Here are some pictures from my cousin Christie's reception. Dancing with Paul and best of all when she started dancing and a group of relatives started dancing. She got more people dancing than the DJ! She started to do raise the roof and everyone joined in (she makes me proud!-watch our stake dances in 12 years!)

2. Strong willed. A lot of times I have to choose what is the greater of two evils or pick my battles as some say. One day she would not take a nap and kept yelling so finally I let her win. I decided that as long as she gave me some quiet time we would be good. She got her notebook and was writing and writing and finally I heard a sudden stop. Needless to say she really needed a nap(just on her terms)


3. Absolutely Loveable!! Kayda really is sweet. She gives lots of hugs and kisses. THe other day Jaden found Kayda sharing her love with her baby and Bella. SHe always wants her dog to sit on her lap and tries to keep her babies warm. What a cute kiddo!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh what a wonderful morning!

This was the dialog on Friday morning:
Kayda: I wanna cookie.
Me: A cookie? How about some breakfast?
Kayda: YEA!!!!!!

This was the dialog Saturday morning:
Kayda: Where daddy?
Me: He's at work.
Kayda: Aaagh (and throws her head back, hitting the windowsill)
Me(thinking): now you get to go see him at work
Luckily Jaden was right by the surgeon that lives in our ward and we were able to go to his office andKayda got two stitches promptly while daddy held her.
Me: Kayda are you glad to see daddy?
Kayda: Yea.

Maybe Kayda should stick with asking for cookies.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I totally love Craigslist. Here is my No. 1 reason:
AND it was free!!
Here is my number 2 reason: