Monday, November 26, 2007


SO before Thanksgiving my family had a family home evening together with several relatives to celebrate my Payne grandparents' 65th anniversary. Maren even flew in to join the festivities. I feel so thankful for the heritage that I have and great family members.

Before the program(another Mom production) we had dinner together and I got this picture of the kid table:

It's funny how when you are a kid you can't wait to sit at the adult table and the older you get you long to be at the kid table(it's way funner). And even crazier still is that my grandparents sat together in Primary and probably never imagined sitting together many years later as eternal companions.

One of the highlights was the special appearance of the Grinch himself. (well not really-meaning not really the Grinch) Even with my dad in the costume that couldn't fool me. Ironically my dad is the exact opposite of what the Grinch represents. He is so giving and caring to everyone. He is always dedicated to his family, his students and his ward members. Thanks Dad for not really being a Grinch!


Paul said...

I'm sad I missed the big party! *wah wah wah*

j&krosser said...

But you will be home for the next one!!