Saturday, November 03, 2007


This Halloween I got Jaden to dress up in something other than his scrubs. Yeah!! So we were the family from down under. It is not much of a costume but Jaden was the crocodile hunter, me-an alligator (not a frog with teeth) and Kayda the Kangaroo or Kaydaroo as some people called her. We went to the stake party and had the back of our truck ready for the trunk or treat but the carnival, dinner, costume parade and magic show all went over time so we had to skip out before it happened since we were going to valley for Jaden's clinicals. We did make it to the end of Duane's "Christmas" party (he was dressed up as Buddy on "Elf" and Lari was Jovie). So it was a fun Halloween. We just need a post-Halloween party to get rid of our candy or go reverse trick-or-treating (knock on people's doors and give them the candy).


Kristal said...

FREAKING ADORABLE! You are the cutest crocodile I've ever seen!!!!! I love it!

Burgess said...

SO cute! I love costumes that nobody else has, and this wins the award for Best Family Costume.
Congratulations! You win....a high five. But you have to give it to each other, cuz I'm not there. :)