Sunday, November 18, 2007

6 things

Here goes for Laura tagging me. This is supposed to be 6 unique/weird things about me. Though there are plenty -my list is more like things that I can't change about myself even when I have tried.
1. I am a night- owl. I have all my life. I remember when I was younger, my mom tucking me in and later me turning on the light to do a puzzle or finish a book. In high school I read a lot at night or talked to Paul until the wee hours. In college even when I worked at 4:00 in the morning I couldn't go to bed until I finished my homework AND got some play time in. (and now I have a night owl child-I know and it is all my fault.)
2. I hate white socks. Why? I don't know. I rarely where them, mostly when I exercise and that is about it. I usually have socks to match the season. I am a classic candidate for what not to wear.
3. I know a lot of random songs. I think this comes from working at a care center and adult day care (early 1900's sing-a-long songs), my grandpa's radio in the barn (classical and oldies), watching musicals with my grandma, my grandpa's 8-tracks (why I love Pink Panther), my mom's "Rainbow Connection", my sisters' collection of records (good 70s&early 80s music),Paul listening to Casey Kasem's top 20 count down every week, the music part of Aca Dec, music classes at BYU, clogging (my country that I know), and waking up to Mormom Tabernacle every Sunday. Sorry Jaden- I know it's like living in a real musical.
4. I usually remember peoples' last names better than there first names. I wonder if that comes from church up bringing. ???
5. I usually have at least one eye open during prayers. This I have really tried to change. I think growing up in a big family I never wanted to miss out on any of the action, including prayer time.
6. I like hanging my shirts in order of color. It starts with the rainbow colors and then brown, white, black. I never realized how bad it was until I got married and Jaden tried to hang my shirts up.


Laura said...

Awesome! What a great list. I learned a lot about you. I never kept an eye open during prayers until I had kids and you HAVE to know what's going on all the time. :)

Paul said...

1 & 6 might be genetic, cuz i'm the same way. but not #2: I love brand-new, fluffy, white socks!