Friday, October 19, 2007

Stories or Comments of the Year

The year is not yet over and there are many more beside these ones but here are some of my favorite stories/comments of the year:

* Griffin(4 at the time) and Cherise(15 at the time) discussing Jaden going to school.
Griffin: Does Jaden have a mom and dad?
Cherise:Yes ????
Griffin: Cause he is still a kid. (pause) He's Kayda's dad, but he's still a kid.

*My dad giving a baptism interview to an 8 year old girl in Joseph City

Dad: Have you ever used tobacco?
Girl: Yes.

Perplexed, my dad talked to her parents later and found out why she answered yes. This is how she heard the question.

Dad: Have you ever used the back hoe?
Girl: Yes

*Paul, John, Braden and I discussing Paul moving from Buffalo to England. Note: Buffalo is where the General Mills factory is.

Paul: You know, one thing I am going to miss about Buffalo is when I walk outside and smell Lucky Charms.


John & Laura said...

"the back hoe" hee hee That's really funny! What a great story.

Anonymous said...

The lucky charms is hilarious.

By the way, is there any way to contact John?

bethany said...

Back hoe? Only in Joe City...seriously.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the John info, he gave us a call but we have been running ragged lately. I'll try to get hold of him this week.

Thanks again.

Burgess said...

Are you guys going to go to England and visit?

Joni said...

So funny Kit!

bethany said...

Kit-did I give you a calendar code for shutterfly? I just can't remember and it says that I have used it up, but I don't remember entering it. anyway, just let me know. If you have an extra calendar one, that you haven't entered yet-I'd love it!