Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Homage to my Mom

As it approaches Halloween I always think of my mom. She hates it! As much as I love my mom and try to be like her, that is one thing that we definately do not have in common. I love Halloween! So before it approaches Halloween this is my homage to mom. To start out, that is the real reason I never pierced my ears. I thought it was cool that my mom never had pierced her ears so I decided I wouldn't do it either. Although this is one of the only things I was able to completely do as she did, she did put in many hours of teaching me how to cook and sew (much to her attempts I am still trying to catch up to her caliber of doing those tasks). One of my biggest compliments was when the softball assistant said that she was at a Young Womens Leader Training and said that the presenter kept reminding her of someone and all of the sudden thought "That has got to be Kit's mom!" (okay so maybe not a compliment to my mom) But I love how fun and energetic she is. So as the day of Halloween approaches sorry mom but your cooking skills you taught me were used to make pumpkin and black cat sugar cookies and the sewing skills to make costumes. But I still love you! You're the best (and expect some Halloween pictures)!


Anonymous said...

Your mom is the best.

Joni said...

Your Mom is awesome!!! And I love Halloween too! (Anything for a party and a chance to dress up!)

Paul said...

i love our mom!