Friday, August 10, 2007


Since my 10 year reunion is coming up quite quickly I have been thinking about what has happened in the last 10 years. For most of you this will be blah, blah, blah. But this is the only place that I have been fairly diligent at putting stuff down that I have been thinking about. Many of these people are long gone but they have affected my life and I truly have them in my heart (and now on my blog). So here goes my tales and adventures from the first summer of college. So the first dorm that I lived in was called Horne Hall. (From the way that is spelled you can all figure out what people always called it.) Anyway, I had 4 other roomates. My room-roomate was Marnell. She was going into teaching and almost done. Why she lived in the dorms still?I don't know. What I remember is she would always ask what time I went to bed. Like once when I went to bed at 4 she thought I was getting up until she got up and realized I was still in bed. Liz was probably my favorite. She wore cool shoes. We took American Heritage together. We sat by a guy named Dave. Poor guy. One day when he fell asleep in class we drew pictures on his cheek. He didn't even wake up! I think he started to like Liz because he started to wear cologne and would save a seat for us. So here is the real American Heritage story. One day after walking back from taking our first test me and Liz were real quiet. I asked her what she got and she wouldn't tell me. Then she asked me and I wouldn't tell her. Finally I convinced her I did bad enough that she could tell me. She said"I got a 47." I started to laugh and she was getting mad. Then I said," No, I'm not laughing at you I got a 43." We laughed about it all the way home. We passed the class. Britt was my roomate from Minnesota "dooncha knooow?" She was mean just like me. We were always trying to get our roomate to cut her hair. Every day we asked her when she would cut it. We made fun of her furry animals on her bed. We also stared at her to make her nervous (which she would get very easily). But Mary was funny. Even when she wasn't she would laugh at her own jokes. (and a couple semesters later she cut her hair- it was cute). Oh my other roomate Stephanie was engaged so we never saw her. Okay I am almost done. My neighbor Tiffany always make me play "Puff the magic dragon" for her on guitar since that was one of the songs I could play from guitar class. Bec was one of my favorite people ever from the summer. We won the ice cream eating contest. We swam in the MOA pond in finals week. We stayed up for 35 hours after finals were over. (Our friend won with 48). Ah, college days.

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