Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jones Wedding

Last weekend we went to Jaden's parents' house for his sister Shaelene's wedding. It is a small world because she ended up marrying my roomate of 4 years (kari)s cousin Dave. Kayda's favorite part of the whole evening was following Shaelene's dress. She loved it! So we had to try to keep her out of ALL of the pictures. Finally she found the play car and was distracted enough to let Shae do her thing for awhile.
Jaden of course helped put things together and I have to show off his floral arranging skills.
Way to go Dave and Shae!


bethany said...

I swear-Zak and Jaden are such women :) Hopefully that doesn't offend Jaden, I mean he gets to be in the same category as Zak, so it must not be a bad thing!! :) Great job on the flower arranging skills, Zak is currenly knitting a hat-no seriously, he is.

laura said...

What a gorgeous dress!! And the flowers are amazing! What a guy!

Kristal Mulder said...

Um, the bottom of her dress is the same as mine! It is really pretty.