Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An attempt

Since my 10 year reunion is coming up we (or I ) decided to try to take a more recent family picture (to send in). I ended up picking, not the one that I look the best, but the one where Kayda is looking at the camera and kind of smiling. The first picture is to illustrate how fun Kayda was being. It was actually fun. And good thing Katie likes to be paid by a hot fudge sundae.


Kristal said...

You guys are sooo cute! I call I get to take your next family picture! And you look great!!!! Hot mama!

bethany said...

Love these! We really need to get our pictures taken. You look so good!

Laura said...

Hey! I'm so glad Crystal started a blog so I could find you again! Your family is beautiful! It's so good to see you!