Monday, June 25, 2007

A Little Late

So last week was not only Father's day but also Jaden's birthday. I absolutely love Jaden. He's has been such a good husband and dad so here is my list of 20 reasons that I love Jaden (but trust me there is even more)

20. Dork has become a term of endearment
19. He gives me "two minutes"
18.Gets up with Kayda
17. Laughs at his own jokes
16. Laughs at my jokes
15. Bargain shopper
14. Keeps me warm
13. Spontaneous trips
12. Gets me bright gerbera daises not just roses
11. Encourages me
10. Hard working
9. Is thinking what I am thinking
8. Unexpected cell phone pictures
7. Persistant
6. Good cook
5. Isn't afraid of color
4. Dimples
3. Priesthood holder
2. Cute daddy
1. He loves ME!!

1 comment:

Kristal said...

Ok, #20 is soo us too! And I'm way jealous of #6...lucky! Jase has made maybe 2 meals in our 7 years! GRRR! Aww well, I guess he's there for a good adjustment when I need it??? Whatever. I LOVE that it sears of JC Penny? WE have one oF Kam and Jase kinda like that. So sweet, but I have to say, it's really swee to get one of mommy and SON....