Friday, June 22, 2007

Holy Smokes

I have totally fallen off the Blogger life for awhile. Unfortunately you will all have to endure a huge long blog(well if you read it all). So first off we closed on our house. And with all of our luck it flooded the next day. It was a huge mess. We had to pull out soggy carpet and do major clean up. All in all it did end up being a blessing in disguise. We bought new carpet anyway because it was yucky and insurance ended up helping pay for it. All of my family was incredible help. After our last move I told my dad "thank goodness for buff sisters". He thought that hilarious. But in all seriousness it was true. My sisters for a majority of the time have been there to move an incredibly huge piano and other furniture. My sister Celia says that I bring this up all the time but she honestly saved my life by helping me sod my back yard (it got delivered a day early-when Jaden was gone) I was in tears when she called.

Anyway my dad was planning on helping us get some of our stuff done and his uncle Raulf passed away. So he had to spend some of his time building a pine box and digging a grave (you gotta love Hunts). So with all our delays we finally got our house in movable condition.

Way before we even planned on moving I was planning on helping my mom with ladybug club. This was for the girls who weren't old enough to go river rafting for my parents' cousins camp. Then we were off to New Mexico. We spent Jaden's birthday at his parent's house and then we went to a Payne reunion. Once we got back Jaden got ready to take his LPN exam- which he passed!! Well that is it for now I am going to make an addition blog for father's day.

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Anonymous said...

I wanna be in the Ladybug club! Seriously we have awesome families. Joseph City girls are blessed! I'm moving there right now! I can't wait to see your house. Hopefully REALLY SOON! You know what...we'll be coming through there this Saturday...can we come by???? E mail me!
Thanks for coming to my party too, you guys are awesome! Everyone was really happy to see you!