Friday, May 04, 2007


Okay, so we finally found a house in Payson.

Needless to say it is a real fixer-upper. SO the other day we took my sister's family to go look at it and we did give them warning that it was a fixer-upper so they wouldn't die of shock. As we walked around my nephew said "This is a REAL fixer-upper!" REAL is right.

But despite the ugly wallpaper, the funky homemade entertainment center (in case you couldn't tell what that picture was),a green tub with a matching toilet, yicky carpet, horseshoes in bizarre locations,and beautiful mural- we are excited to make it ours. It will get new paint, shelves, demolition and will become a place that we call home!!

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Kristal said...

Love that sweet entertainment center. Woo! No, but seriously, you'll work your magic on it and it'll be the cutest house ever. The outside is cute, and check out that killer tub! I love it!@ Can't wait to come see it in real life.