Sunday, April 08, 2007

Spring Is Here!!

Easter weekend has been really fun. We got my grandma's old washer and put it to use as a flower pot. Kayda was being real funny and we tried to get her to be dressed up like a little flower. She didn't keep the headband on very long so it was hard to get some decent pictures. But we love our spring child. On Easter we went to a park to take pictures. Yet another difficult task: taking a family picture with a tripod. And we had to do that without distubing the rocks! (notice the sign on the left.)

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Anonymous said...

good job leaving the rocks alone! Cute shot! You guys need to come over this friday and we'll take some more family pictures of you, stay the night and then we'll hike the white tanks on Saturday and we'll all have a great time!!! Oh, and I love your little one year old flower and your washer with the flowers! So cute..both of em!