Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ain't we got fun??

Okay so I always have songs stuck in my head. I think the song "Ain't we Fun?" is now on some commercial for a cruise or something but it was stuck in my head. The line "not much money, but oh honey - ain't we got fun?" is way too familiar. People always have lists of things on there blogs so here goes mine: Why having a kid is fun!!

  • Cheerios-everywhere
  • Finding your shoes in strange places (after you have seen them on your kid's feet)
  • Finding a new contact on your cellphone- Baa? and their number is 2
  • Realizing you sent a text message to someone that said S
  • Always having a buddy to workout with (and sometimes having great weight resistance)
  • You can buy clothes that you wish you looked good in
  • You get to talk to all the old people in the grocery store (and there are lots in payson)
  • Appreciating any time you can go to the bathroom ALONE
  • Finding out what really is important to you (classified as:ruinable or better get that)

There are much more but another one that is being practiced right now is learning to type with either an extra hand or with only one hand

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Anonymous said...

I finally heard that commercial yesterday! I, of coarse, thought of you! And I soo agree with all of your reasons, but the truest is buying clothes that you wish looked good on you. Everything looks soo cute on Kam...lucky girl!