Wednesday, April 04, 2007

3 Years

In a few days it will be our 3 year anniversary. It is crazy how the time has flown. I will be ever grateful for my friend Kristal who set us up. She predicted a September wedding but we beat the time line and got married in April. It was the most perfect day ever! Including the weather, which we all know in Mesa can be hard to find the non-sweltering days. It is crazy to imagine a life without Jaden now. He is an incredible husband and friend. And lucky for me he is stuck with me for an eternity!!


bethany said...

Congratulions Kit and Jaden! So many milestones so close together!! Did Kayda like her cake?

Kristal said...

Man, that Kristal girl sounds stinkin awesome! You're lucky to have a great friend like that. K, anyway, I LOVE that last picture, you know the one wher eyou can't see your faces...just kidding, but I do love that cute, and so Kit...always hidin out and kissin the boys. I'm glad you guys stuck together this long. Good job!