Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ode to Class of '97

Okay, So this year is going to be my 10 year reunion. Crazy that it has been that long. Everyone knows that I always say that I was blessed with some really good friends in high school and that is very true. As I looked through my photo albums and scrapbooks the pictures go way back. Lucky for you all I was not able to scan them all (speaking of which Sorry the pictures aren't quality-my scanner is not the best). Anyway- I am going to play the game of REMEMBER WHEN. This was a game that me and my friend Crystal made up when we were sad the other person would start off by saying remember when and we would take turns remembering fun memories and before we knew it we were laughing. Some of things will not pertain to the whole group. You'll know who you are. Here goes. Remember when........
We went down Splash mountain a bazillion times just to get the best picture, choregraphy to Enough is Enough, getting the prep Test Talk from Cara's mom --"I think well", me going on the date with the "camel"(might as well Robert was a dud), spicing up Aca Dec, the shopping cart game, the "Lucky Ladies" from Canada, finding the new Thrift Store at night, snow beetles, the innocent little mole, washable marker make-up, Paul getting us the hottest dates for Prom, giving out awards to the whole class on the way to California including my favorite- To Mr. Hunt for the best Stick figures, stealing caution tape and trying to return it, Crystal dressing up for "dress up" day, toilet papering Jason Bradbury's or anyone else for that matter,riding the elephant at the Renaissance Festival, EFY or Bust, clogging, getting to ditch school because of lice, selling lemonade from the bathroom cupboard, sleepovers, trying to impress Mr. Young in shop proving girls do better that boys, hitting "Bambi" on the way to Kristal's cabin, not wearing dresses for graduation (Crystal the exception but the yellow Converse cancels it out), asking strangers for Grey Poupon, stake dances, Spanish class and the list goes on. Those truly were the days. Thank you friends for the great memories and still being my friend after 10 years!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Little Helper ??

Kayda loves to be in everything. She acts like she is helping me. Lately she has been found in the dishwasher. She loved when I opened up the dryer. She loves laundry. (aunt ally can attest to that-hers always got played with). Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and she really will be a helper. She is trying to help me type as we speak.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let it Snow!

So it snowed here. Everyone knows that I do not like the cold. I hate driving in snow BUT I love playing in it. Right before we took off for New Mexico it snowed so we had to go sledding before we left. Kayda loves the cold! She smiled the whole time as we were sledding.