Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Farewell my beloved house

I am so sad!! Selling my first home. It really makes me sad. I just want to share my favorite room. (a bathroom of course) My duck bathroom. Why I have always wanted one I don't know. This house has a lot of memories. Mine and Jaden's since we were married. Bringing little Bella to this house and then Kayda. I am going to miss it! But onward we go. Onward, ever, onward.

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Kristal said...

we had a ducky bathroom in our first 6 apartments together!!! Now it's slowly evolving into a no theme bathroom..boring, I know. Anyway, you've got me all excited to get a first home..yay!!! But you've also already got me thinking about when we have to leave it. sad!!!! I'm sure you'll love your new dwelling in beautiful payson. We'll be making ourselves welcome quite often, so be prepared! And we'd love if you "surprise" us sometime too!