Monday, April 06, 2015

8 Years

When we first bought this house my nephew Ian said,"This is a REAL fixer-upper."  He wasn't kidding.  After a lot of work went into this house I finally loved it. Some great memories were made it in this house.

Before:  Yes, that is carpet

 After:  And you no longer have to go through the pantry to get to it.



Before:  Carpet again (plus Noah's Ark)



Before:  Also the reason I HATE wallpaper.


Before:  Our "Arizona room"

After:  Became Kayda's Room and Mud Room

It may be one of the few instances where I was able to perform my mom's motto of making it "Better Than It Was."

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I hope that Kayda's teacher is ready for this:
Kayda was so excited to go to school.  All morning long she kept asking when we were going.  Of course Kolby wanted to be a part of the picture taking.

 I think Kolby will be a little sad (or happy) to not have Kayda around all day.

Ready or not Mrs. Dailey, here she comes!

Sunday, April 03, 2011


This is going to be a super long post with no pictures, so basically if you only check blogs for pictures you can skip this one. 
First off:  I know that my blog is mostly for me, but even sometimes I don't want to write things down. I am going to get over that (or at least try).  Last year I got off the blog wagon for a long time.  It was a really hard time for me.  Around October I found out that my oldest sister Maria had cancer.  I also found out that my mom had to do another round of chemo because her cancer levels were going up.  On top of that I found out that my husband needed surgery on his esophagus and remove his gall bladder.  Also at this time I was called to be in the Stake Young Women's Presidency.  They had a hard time finding a replacement  Primary Chorister so I was doing that calling and was still on our Relief Society Board Committee.  I truly felt like I was sinking, thus no blogging. 
Second: I like making New Years' Resolutions but this year I didn't feel like making any.  But, I do like having goals and I have determined to make April be my fresh start.  I figure that it is quite appropriate since it is month which we celebrate Christ's ressurrection and rebirth.  Some of my goals include: potty training (for Kolby),  getting more organized, and working on Personal Progress (again).
Third:  One of the other things that I have been meaning to do but haven't yet is to have more memory posts on this blog for when I get Alzheimers' and can't remember some things.  So I have decided to do a Flashback Friday.  This will allow me to post the posts I have been meaning to post and never got around to doing and also having a few posts of stories from the gool ol days.

So there it is.


So at the beginning of March we went to Disneyland.  It all started when my friend Beth suggested that we go when they were going.  I figured going with the frugal guru wouldn't be a bad idea.  We convinced ourselves that it was a good time to go since this was the last time to go before Kayda goes to school (and then having to go during the breaks like everyone else) and Kolby would be free.

The summary:

This picture explains alot about our trip: Kayda telling us where to go with her map and Kolby trying to run away.
Beth and Zak pushing Kayda and Jak around.

Kolby learning posing tricks from Kayda.

Although it doesn't look like it, Kolby was excited to meet Buzzlightyear.

Of course when Kayda saw this line of princesses, she didn't care about anything but following it.

 Kayda and Kolby were excited to meet Tinkerbell. (poor boy that has a girl for an older sibling)
 Kolby enjoying the rides.
A big pricess with a little one.

Somehow I was the adult that got voted to ride on all the spinning rides with the kids. Truthfully, I liked the rides but watching the faces on the kids was even better.

One of my favorite pictures!  We saw the Prince walking with the Fairy Godmother and asked if we could get a picture.  The Prince told Kayda to take his hand and we could take one in a better spot (he probably wanted to get farther away from crowds so they wouldn't all stop him, but I still say that he was being nice so I wouldn't have a picture that was facing the sun)
So, yes, I rode the Buzz ride too many times to count and rode the Nemo two more times than I wanted to, but I hope that it was a "magical" trip that we will have memories from forever.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So little Kolby's hair grows like a weed and it fuzzy on top of that.  This means he has to get frequent haircuts.  One day Maren stopped by (last month) and commented it looked like it was time for another haircut so we pulled out the haircutting stuff.
Jaden got the clippers going and the fuzz got less and less.
It was team effort of  getting the face clean and the haircut.  Basically a whole new makeover.
Kolby doesn't looked to pleased in the after shot but he really was (or at least I was)
Then Kayda said it was time to cut her hair and donate it.  She has been talking about doing it for a long time.  Some of her cousins have done it before but more recently her cousin/idol Claire did it and Kayda was determined to cut her hair to donate it.
We made sure it was long enough and then we snipped off the ponytail.
I am no hairdresser, but Kayda does look super cute with short hair.
The after shot and my awesome girl.
After she cut it, she had to tell EVERYONE that she donated her hair (seriously EVERYONE she saw).  But, I don't blame her it was a great thing to do.

*before we cut her hair I researched different places to donate hair to and this was my pick:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents' Day

I am one of those lucky people whose birthday at times lands on a Holiday.  I don't mind sharing a birthday with the Presidents.  In fact growing up I liked getting out of school on my birthday because of the Presidents.
So this year instead of having a birthday party, we had a Presidents' Day party.

My mom and Ally helped the food inside, 
 the neices and nephews helped with the food outside,

and we all ate yummy food everywhere.
I was a little bummed that it decided to snow the couple days before my birthday, but it turned out to be great entertainment outside.
And we had our own entertainment inside.  Cherise helped me with the Presidents theme and we made Mt. Rushmore (the cute version)

Thank you Presidents and US citizens (friends andfamily) for a fun day!